Maa Jalpa Mandir Road, Shakti Nagar, Katni (M.P.)

Director's Message

Dear parents,
I greet you on the commencement of the new academic session. The school is a temple of learning. It is a home away from home and the centre stage for channeling emotions, personality development, and to explore hidden potentialities. All this enquires an environment of love and trust where the child feels secured and loved.
Our students have to be punctual, regular, neat and tidy, well mannered and disciplined having faith in Indian values, culture & tradition. Our students should have proper study habits, hard work and determination. For that we both have to encourage them. Our aim is to make every child into a global citizens.
Last but not the least is, we want to see them grow as ideal citizens and they have to excel in all fields. Our kind co-operation is also essential to achieve this.

With Regards & Best Wishes,
Your Sincerely
Mr. Rajendra Agrawal

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